The WAFU Dressing Party Pack 6 x 9.8 fl oz

Wafu Japanese salad dressings in three delicious flavors. 

Perfect for dressing, dipping and marinating. The Party Pack includes:

  • 2 bottles of Original Sesame dressing. Wafu sesame dressing is smooth and creamy with an unmistakable nutty Japanese flavor. Inspired by lightly roasted sesame oil.
  • 2 bottles of Ginger Carrot dressing. Wafu ginger salad dressing is light and refreshing, with a unique and zesty Japanese twist. Inspired by pickled ginger.
  • 2 bottles of Wasabi Edamame dressing. Wafu wasabi salad dressing combines the sweet and natural flavors of edamame (soybeans) with a touch of wasabi. Inspired by wasabi.
No colors, artificial flavors, or trans fats, and kosher.

Wafu Japanese Salad Dressings

Dress, dip, and marinate with Wafu® Japanese Salad Dressings.

Try our delicious WAFU® Japanese Salad Dressings. Products that bring the authentic flavors of Japan to your kitchen.

Available in Original Sesame, Original Sesame LIGHT, Ginger Carrot and Wasabi Edamame.

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